Confessions of…A Former Dairy Queen

Hello Everyone – I’ve created this blog to share my personal experiences, struggles and triumphs with food, relationships and life in general.  If you are someone who has used food as a coping mechanism for the many ups and downs that living on this planet has to offer, I’m sure you will understand just how challenging it is when you have to part ways with your favorite indulgences due to allergies, sensitivities and/or health issues.  Since September 2015, I have been living a Dairy and Gluten free lifestyle, and it was one of the toughest transitions I’ve ever had to endure. 

Food was a huge comfort to me through all of the difficult stages of my life, and just the thought of living without ice-cream, cookies and other crunchy munchies was enough to send me to the funny farm.  I’m happy to say that it was well worth it (in the long run), and it has encouraged me to be more creative with my food selections and to step up my game in the kitchen.  As it turns out, there is life after ice-cream, but I had to travel down a long and winding road before I could say that without breaking a sweat.  In fact, I had to travel down that same road to overcome many other obstacles as well.  And it’s not over, I’m still traveling…only this time, you will be coming with me.  

Through this blog, I’m hoping to let you know that you’re not alone on your journey, whether it be food related or not.  My goal is to inspire you to live the life that resonates with you most and to let go of any preconceived notions about how you think you should be doing it (or how you’ve been told you need to do it).  As someone who has been working on getting more personal and emotional freedom after years of “trying to get it right”, I look forward to  bringing you along for the ride and giving you a front seat view into how I’ve been shedding the layers that have held me back.     

Let the adventure begin…